Our Customers

Environmental Groups

If your organisation’s purpose is to enhance and protect the environment, then we offer our support to you for free. To protect our planet, all of us need to make some compromises. Polis skillfully finds these compromises.

Community Groups

If you run a community organisation, irrespective of the size, dedicated to the improvement of your community, then our service to you is at cost price - half of what a business pays at circa £75.


We help businesses to anonymously survey their staff and stakeholders. Businesses use our services to find the best ideas and to build consensus. Creating business strategy and understanding your team's mental health are just two of the core strengths of Polis. We charge approximately £150 per Polis.

Why Choose Us


We are committed to our Mission and committed to your Mission. Our
Mission is to find the best solutions to challenging problems and then build a
consensus around it.


Whatever type of customer you are, whatever might be your organisational needs, we are here to serve; always putting you at the centre.


At all times, we maintain our customer’s confidentiality and ensure data from our Polis is collected anonymously and kept securely.

Political Intelligence

Founded by a British lawyer, who is vastly experienced in politics, we have the political awareness to steer environmental and community groups.

Business Acumen

Staffed by experienced business people, we have the business experience to guide your use of Polis. Polis works well as a staff survey tool.

Website Development

We offer simple website design and management to community groups.

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